The Weekly Five For December 7th, 2012 - Chris Harris GT AMG, A1 vs GTR, Panamera Crash, VW Fight, Fiat Monster Truck

Chris Harris and the Mercedes SLS GT AMG on Hockenheim

What do you get when you combine 591 horsepower, a big German V8, Gullwing doors, and Hockenheim race track? Another fantastic review courtesy of Chris Harris, of course! And as you might've guessed it, the car being tested is the Mercedes SLS GT AMG, which according to Chris' review is a solid car good for the money, and more of an "AMG plus" than anything. Handling like a mid-engine vehicle rather than the FR (front engine rear wheel drive) that it is, the SLS turns out to be an easy car to throw around, as Chris Harris demonstrates later in the video. Enjoy.
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Autocar - An A1 Quattro vs The Nissan GTR

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And the Worst Car Review Of The Year award goes to... Autocar! There's no surprise there when you watch this fantastically horrific comparison review they've done between a Nissan GTR and a... Nope, not a GT3 RS, nope, not a McLaren MP4-12C, not a Ferrari... An R8 V10? Close! An Audi A1 Quattro! (wait, that's not close at all...) The idea here is to compare the A1 to the technologically-gifted Japanese mammoth that is the GTR, in the rain. That sounds ...a little odd, but still pretty reasonable, and with an obvious answer as to who wins, doesn't it? Well, when you practically turn off all traction control for a GTR and throw it on a tiny, wet, go kart circuit, and tell the driver in the GTR "hey, take it easy on the A1 okay?", its not surprising that the A1 will "win". Autocar, enjoy your reward.

Panamera Safety Car Crash At The 2012 Sydney Telstra 500

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Watching safety cars get abused and assaulted by oncoming race cars is always a treat, and this is no different. In the middle of the 2012 Sydney Telstra 500, as a Porsche Panamera is sent out on the track to do damage and traffic control, when hit by driver Shane Van Gisbergen, the Panamera only manages to get that first task done - Damage. Though its not exactly the most exhilarating crash on the internet, its still amusing to watch as a Panamera's front end side is obliterated, which in turn causes some suspension damage and makes the video even funnier. Enjoy.

Violent Volkswagen Fight Ad For The VW Golf

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If you haven't watched an action movie in a while, this should satisfy for now. Banned in the UK, this violent Volkswagen ad advertises the new (at the time) VW Golf by using the catchphrase "Sometimes the only one you have to beat is yourself" to imply that the VW Golf is just that great. Filled with countless punches, kicks, glass breaking, and more, this ad actually serves to be a pretty cool action movie, and though its loosely based around cars, its still worth a watch, so Enjoy.

Fiat Monster Truck

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What do you think of when you hear the word "Fiat"? What about when you hear "Fiat Monster Truck". Yes, you read that correctly, someone has actually taken the time to replace the standard Fiat wheels and tires with enormous monster truck tires. Anything is possible with Fiat, sometimes. Enjoy.
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