The Weekly Five For November 16th, 2012 - Ken Block Irwindale, Targa 2012, Supercar Speeds, RWD Rally 2010, 360 Entry

Ken Block Drifts Irwindale

There are many of us who know that Monster Energy's rally-racing, Gymkhana champion Ken Block is a capable drifter, and for those of us that still doubt his ability - this video is for you. Irwindale is one of the most dangerous and demanding tracks on the Formula Drift calendar, primarily due to the huge banked corner that happens to be the first in the track layout. That being said, many drifters in rear-wheel-driver cars find it difficult to get through the first corner properly, usually requiring heavy amounts of power and lots of controlled angle. Ken Block, however, operates an all-wheel-drive vehicle, which - contrary to popular belief - isn't nearly as easy to drift as people may think, with the almost counter-intuitive controlling technique and throttle control, but in the end, Ken makes it possible, and throws his HFHV (Hybrid-Function-Hoon-Vehicle) sideways at 91 miles an hour, shattering rear-wheel-drive fanboys' doubts all over the world. Enjoy.
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Targa Wrest Point 2012 - Day 1 Highlights

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The Australian Targa Wrest Point rally competition is on its fourth year as of 2012, and it only seems to get better. With everything from Lamborghini Gallardos, to R35 Nissan GTRs, to old muscle cars, racing against the clock on some of Australia's curviest roads, its no wonder Targa Wrest Point is such a hit. This is a 5 minute video covering Day 1 of the 2012 competition, and though its only 5 minutes, the victories, crashes, noises, slides, and positive vibes of the entire day are all appropriately presented. Enjoy.

Fastest Cars in The World II: Brutal Accelerations!

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There are countless exotics and supercars, capable of breakneck speeds and producing wonderful sounds as their masterfully tuned engines rip, roar, and howl through the RPMs far into the triple digits. Though you may not ever get a chance to experience what its like to be in a Lamborghini Aventador, RUF RT 12 R, Ferrari 458, Bugatti Veyron Supersport, 730hp MTM-tuned Audi RS6, Ferrari Spider 16M Novitec Rosso, Ariel Atom V8, among others, equipped with speedometer cameras and top speed displays, this video does a FANTASTIC job... at letting you know just how much you are missing out on. Enjoy.

Best Of RWD 2010 - Awesome Rally Footage!

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In rally its commonly known that the best type of car for the job is one where all four wheels spin at the same time. Why is it then that so many rear-wheel-drive cars are to this day still being thrown through the dirt and hills sideways? Could it be that they perform just as good, or even better? One thing's for sure, rear wheel drive cars look just plain nasty when doing rally, and this video shows why. With everything from pristine, howling Porsche 911 GT3's, BMWs, Nissan 350z's, to roaring MKII Ford Escorts, old 911's, aggressive Opels, and more, this is one video that you will greatly enjoy. So, get to it!

Tasmania Drift - Lloyd Smith 360 Entry

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In drifting there are many ways and angles in which you can throw your car sideways. The reverse entry is one of the more respected - and in a sense - "rarer" techniques, but one even more uncommon is the "360 entry", which stands for "360 degree entry", or in even simpler terms, "throw your car into a corner sideways, then spin out, but before losing all control, catch the spin and continue drifting the rest of the corner", and yes, it does look as epic as it sounds. Here we have professional drifter Lloyd Smith executing a stunning 360 entry during the Australian Tasmania Drift series, you be the judge of how epic it looks. Enjoy.