The Weekly Five For October 19th, 2012 - Nissan Deltawing Porsche Crash, Keep Drifting Fun, 2nd Shift Drift, Rocket Bunny FRS, Daily Driving Porsche 962

Nissan Deltawing Attacked By Green Porsche During Road Atlanta Testing

Nissan's Deltawing is a fantastic achievement in the discipline of auto racing, with fantastic handling and power, due to a team of fantastic engineers and especially due to that low height and center of gravity that the odd, yet unique shape of the Deltawing prides itself on. However, there issues when it comes to having such a small, low race car, as was seen in the Le Mans Prototype-related crash in this year's 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans, which put the Deltawing out of the race, but not out of hope. Unfortunately for Nissan, it looks like luck just isn't on their side just yet, a sis shown in this video footage of the Nissan Deltawing experiencing a horrific 7 G crash at high speeds, due to an amateur move by a contending green Porsche. The Deltawing is down, but this time its not out, as this incident occurred during testing, and the Deltawing was planned to be back in commission for the big race only a day or two later. Keep it up Nissan. Enjoy.
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A Documentary - Keep Drifting Fun - Part 1

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Drifting. That very word instantly sparks so many different emotions, memories and sounds. What is drifting? Why is it fun? Is there any point in the so-called 'art' of drifting? The guys in this video have to say - no, drifting is stupid. Stupid, however, can be extremely, relentlessly fun, as this lengthy two-part series demonstrates, with battered and bruised, clunky heaps of metal wonderfully burning rubber, whether it be on a race track, or even on the highway. The best way to get an idea of what this documentary is all about, is to simply watch it. So watch it, Enjoy, and Keep Drifting Fun.

Ford 2nd Shift Drift - Vaughn Gittin Jr

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Staying on the topic of drifting, wouldn't it be awesome if dealerships let you take one of their future models out and let you drive it as recklessly as you'd like around their facility? Well, if you're Monster Energy's professional drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr, then in that case, it is awesome. Throwing his very own Monster Energy Ford Mustang RTR drift car around the Ford Flat Rock assembly plant, weaving through various Ford Mustang models, and even violently love-tapping a red model, Vaughn Gittin Jr does a good job of making someone want a Mustang - The Monster Energy RTR Mustang to be exact. Enjoy.

Rocket Bunny Scion FRS

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If you've been keeping up with our Facebook page, you've seen that we often post some amazing pictures of some amazing cars, taken by some amazing photographers. However, in the past week or two, we've put up quite a few shots of the new Rocket Bunny Scion FRS, but a simple picture of the beastly car does not do it justice, so here's a 3 minute long video showcasing its raw, violent beauty. Does a 200hp car really need all that aero, and that huge wing? When it looks THIS good, I'm not even sure it matters anymore. Enjoy.

A Group C Porsche 962 Daily Driving The Streets Of Japan

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The Group C Porsche 962 is an ancient race car that many decades ago participated in, and won, many races. Being a Le Mans Prototype car, it had - naturally - insane horsepower figures, insane power-to-weight ratio, insane looks, and of course an insane sound, but what would it be like to drive such a colossal beast on the streets? Well, looks like Maiham Media has the answer, because somehow they've gained accessed to one of the street-going versions of the roaring 962, and drove its lightweight, turbocharged goodness on the streets to see what it is really like to drive a purebred race car on the streets. Feast your eyes on something you probably won't see anytime too soon, even on the internet - a hard-core race car daily driving in the city. The noise, the aggression, the passion, its all here for you to Enjoy.