The Weekly Five For October 12th, 2012 - F1 Lincoln Tunnel, Exotics Drifting, 650AWHP Ford Escort, Forza 4, Ferrari 360 Near-Crash

A Red Bull RB7, David Coulthard, the Lincoln Tunnel, and 190 MPH

If you were planning on traveling using the Lincoln Tunnel - the tunnel that can take you straight from New York to New Jersey - on August 16th, 2012, then you probably couldn't even get close, because an F1 car was too busy flying through it at 190 miles per hour. Oh, you didn't hear? Well, supposedly, in order to create some hype for the upcoming F1 race in New Jersey, the 2013 Grand Prix of America, Red Bull decided to take their RB7 Formula One racecar, put F1 champion David Coulthard inside, and let that F1 car rip - up to 190 mph to be exact. What's it like to get from New York to New Jersey in under a minute? Well, you've got to be going 190 mph to find out. Enjoy.
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A Ferrari 599, Lexus LFA, and 1000hp BenSopra Nissan GTR Go Drifting

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If you've ever watched the hit show, Top Gear UK, then chances are you've seen everything from Ferraris to Porsches to even more exotic cars like Gumpert Apollos and Pagani Zondas sliding all over the place on a big air field. However, when was the last time you've seen not just 3 or 4 second long powerslides, but actual, full-out, controlled drifts performed in 6-and-7-figure exotics? Well, somewhere across the world, someone got the idea of taking a Ferrari 599, Lexus LFA, and even a 1000-hp rear-wheel-drive-converted BenSopra Nissan R35 GTR, throwing professional drifters into each car, and letting them go sideways all over the place, though not in a mile-long airfield.. More like something the size of a medium-sized parking lot - That's a lot of very expensive smoke and noise, in a very small space. Enjoy.

A Gatebil-Sponsored 650AWHP Ford Escort Cosworth RS - Beautiful

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When you hear the words "Ford Escort", you don't think of much. Then, when the letters "RS" are added, your ears perk up. Add in the word "Cosworth", and now you're wondering, "whoa, what kind of car is that?" Well, the answer is here. This is one of the finest examples of a Ford Escort Cosworth RS, owned and driven by Stian Hafsengen, and sponsored by Gatebil. With 650 AWHP (ALL-wheel-horsepower), there doesnt seem to be any other car in the world like it, and watching it fly across tarmac and dirt sideways on a race track, uninterrupted by the dirt its four wheels are simultaneously flinging upward into the sky, with its turbocharged 650 horses howling and roaring as it breaks necks in and out of the car at highway speeds, set to the tune of some pretty epic European trance music, its all too perfectly mistakable for a dream. But its not. Enjoy.

KPTK92 Shows Forza 4 Racing Can Truly Be Intense - ALMS

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Motorsports video games in the past (ok, the far away past) had very obviously pixelated race cars driving on an unrealistic track, with unrealistic conditions, cornering possibilities, and overall no real sense of actually piloting a true race car on a real-life race track. Years go by, enter Forza Motorsport 4, for the Xbox 360. Though at 13 minutes long, this race video, brought to you by YouTuber "kptk92", proves that you don't need millions of dollars, years of experience, countless sponsors, and a real race track to be able to have an equally-as-realistic battle for first place. Rather, only a few online Xbox players, a couple copies of Forza Motorsport 4, and a whole lot of dedication, will give you a show you won't soon forget. "kptk92" has been posting up these videos of racing footage from Forza 4 for quite some time now, and all players involved only get better and better, allowing even more intense fender to fender racing. If you don't believe it, just watch this video, you'll think you're watching a first-person view of the real thing, with the ballsy overtaking maneuvers, the roar of the engines, the burning rivalry, its all here for you to enjoy, so... you know, Enjoy.

Ferrari 360 Almost Crashes At Zandvoort

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When you have a Ferrari 360 Modena and you decide to take it to the Zandvoort race track located somewhere deep in the Netherlands, be like this guy, and DON'T (I repeat, DO NOT) crash your Ferrari while at full throttle on one of the fastest parts of the track. The driver seen here seems to encounter some real bad luck when during a fast part of the track he - for whatever reason - catches one of his tires in the grass and is sent into a spin. However, instead of panicking and wrecking a beautiful piece of Italian racing machinery, he applies some countersteer, then retracts it at just the right moment to safely spin back onto the track, avoiding a major collision, and a reputation as "the guy who crashed his Ferrari at Zandvoort." Good job, guy, let your actions be appreciated - preferably not intentionally duplicated - all over the world. Marvel at his technique as he is only inches from the barrier and a hefty repair bill, and Enjoy.