The Weekly Five For September 28th - Flying Supra, Noriyaro Raw Drift, Nissan DeltaWing, GTR vs Vette, Redline Ireland

The Flying Toyota Supra - Brakes Fail

Ahhhhh, the Mark IV Toyota Supra. We've seen it do everything from embarrassing exotics on the road, to embarrassing every other car imaginable on the drag strip, to overtaking cars on the track sideways, to undressing presumably-Russian females whilst mid-drift (pun intended?) Without a doubt, there's nothing like the Supra, what HASN'T it done that the internet hasn't experienced yet? Well, now it looks like the Supra can add something else to its list of fame-inducing awesomeness - what's that you say? Yes. Flying. Flying? Yes, flying. As you can see here, in the middle of an intense Time Attack session on some race track, this murdered-out Toyota Supra goes into a corner, but shortly realizes that the brakes are gone as it crests a hill and is sent soaring - somewhat sideways - through the air, into the grass. Suspension and exhaust is reported to be damaged, but that seems to be the only price to pay for this Supra to race another day. All in a day's work for the MKIV Toyota Supra. Enjoy.
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Noriyaro Raw Drift

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Here we have the best kind of drift video - one without music, flashy titles, overly-promiscuous girls - rather, pure, raw drift footage, and the choice of music? The sound of years of Japanese engineering and tuning, all sent to the rear wheels, while sideways. Some fantastic footage here, and at over 9 minutes, there is nothing to dislike in this video whatsoever. Enjoy.

Nissan DeltaWing Coming To 2012 Petit Le Mans

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The revolutionary Nissan DeltaWing was a concept-turned-reality race car that would have really shown its true colors in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but due to an unforeseen incident with another car, was sadly put out of the race before Nissan's engineering could truly shine. Fast forward to months later, and the Nissan DeltaWing is ready for battle once more as the team and car prepare for the world's second biggest Le Mans race - Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, in Braselton, Georgia. Will the DeltaWing have what it takes to conquer adversity at one of the biggest races of the year? We'll find out soon enough. Enjoy.

940hp Nissan GTR VS 800hp Procharged GS Corvette

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Two powerhouses - Godzilla and the 'Vette - are at it once more in this street battle brought to you by YouTuber 'briank03'. The widebody Nissan GT-R armed with 940hp, against an 800hp Procharged GS Corvette, going at it from a 60mph roll all the way to a face-splitting 200mph. Witness the battle to find out the winner, check out the GT-R's massive StopTech brakes glowing red as it slows back down to normal speeds between runs, and as a bonus, watch for the part where the GT-R hits a bump at triple-digit speeds, with sparks flying. Enjoy.

Redline Ireland Part 1

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If you do not have 30 minutes of spare time to watch intense tuner drag races and the highest quality of drifting footage involving international drifting all-stars like the legendary Mad Mike in his Mad Bull FD3S RX-7 and SpeedHunters' rotary-powered, 13b Toyota AE86 Trueno tearing it up sideways amongst many other worthy competitors, then you probably shouldn't watch this. If you do have 30 minutes to spare, then Enjoy.