The Weekly Five For September 21st, 2012 - Skyline Drive, Street Drifting, GT3 Highway, Miracle Of A Tire, Hovercraft Racing

Mischief 8 - Banned From Skyline Drive

As car guys/carnecks/car enthusiasts, we love to go on curvy road cruises, whether its in a BMW M3, or a Honda Fit, its all in the name of having a good time with your car, enjoying fantastic roads, nature, and having a good time with others. In this particular case, brought to you by youtube channel "mischieftelevision", the cars in question are a little more on the wealthy/exotic side. With BMW M3's, Lamborghini Gallardos, Nissan GTRs, modded Subaru WRX STi's, and everything in between, this crowd of speed-loving, mischief-making car guys are all about the revs, ride, and above all, Mischief. Enjoy!
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Safe Street Drifting - Danny Allegrezza- SR20 S14 240sx - DR Motorsports

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Street drifting is a high risk, extremely dangerous - for both car, driver, and others - "activity", but when done right, in safe conditions, with a knowledgeable driver with obviously honed driving skills and experience in car control, driving confidence, and risk assessment, can be an incredible sight to behold. However, there is always that margin of a possibility for error, and with pedestrians and other cars around, street drifting is just not a good idea at all... But when you've got an entire parking lot to yourself, GO HAVE SOME FUN! Danny Algrezza is the man the above paragraph positively described, and as you can see, when armed with his SR20-powered S14 Nissan 240sx tuned by DR Motorsports based in North Carolina, he sure knows how to tear a lot or two up. Drive safely, and Enjoy.

Porsche 911 997 GT3 Insane Highway Driving

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The Porsche 911 997 GT3 is what can easily be considered a super-sports car, and with horsepower in the 400's, a curb weight of 3000 lbs, and a manufacturer's racing pedigree that few can match, its not hard to see why. With such incredible specs, its no surprise that the 997 GT3 can tear up a track with ease, but tearing up a highway? It can do that too, though its not at all recommended, nor smiled upon by us here at Watch as this 997 GT3 owner unleashes his (or her?) GT3 on the unsuspecting public, with little to no regard for other cars, nor their safety. Its both entertaining and nerve-wrecking to watch, but Enjoy nonetheless.

Miracle Of A Tire

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If a tire came off in the middle of a heated race, you'd probably expect a big accident, or at least a safety car to enter the track - Sure, makes sense. However, when a tire comes off during this V8 Supercars battle, not only does it NOT cause a big accident, but it actually serves as no threat whatsoever. You'll see in the video. Enjoy.

Hovercraft Racing

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That is indeed the title of this video, and it is no lie. Hovercraft racing, it (apparently) DOES exist, and you can bet that it is one awesome 'motor' sport. This footage taken from the Final Championnat d'Europe Hovercraft 2012 shows just how interesting, intense, and awesome a land/water vehicle race can truly be. Enjoy.
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