The Weekly Five For September 14th, 2012 - Birth To Monaco, F1 Driving Styles, Drift From Cop, Civic Drift Crash, Lahti Historic Rally

From Birth To Monaco

If you've ever wanted to race at the legendary Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, now's your chance! Here we've got this fantastic How-To video on how to do just that. First step, be born into this world, second step, draw a poorly-drawn picture of Senna's F1 car, then play with cars in grade school, after that, enter into karting and dominate, get a driver's contract, sit on a bus with a girl, throw up in the grass, watch David Coulthard win an F1 race on TV, workout, shake a lot of hands, race, get a Lamborghini Gallardo, look at telemetry, sign a female's chest, check into a hotel, jump into a pool, race, talk to race reporters, get into a helicopter, and fly to Monaco. See? Its not that hard! Well, okay, so maybe you never WILL be a Formula One driver in the Monaco Grand Prix, but you have to admit, this is one epic pre-race intro for the Formula One 2012 Monaco Grand Prix. Enjoy.
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Martin Brundle - F1 Driving Styles

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If you've ever wondered how the legendary, modern greats of the Formula One racing world pilot their F1 cars during a race, then you're in luck, because ex-F1 driver Martin Brundle is here to demonstrate just a little taste of the technique of multiple F1 drivers of today. From Michael Schumacher, to Fernando Alonso, to everyone in between, you can witness the various techniques and styles that each driver implements into their cornering skills, so that you too can pilot your very real F1 car in the same way. Enjoy.

Russian Street Racer Drifts Away From Cops

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We've all heard how different America is from Russia, whether its Russians driving completely totaled trucks, with sparks flying and pieces hanging off, on the highway like nothing's wrong, or, well, anything else. However, when it comes to running from the police, how do Russians do it? You guessed it. Sideways. Watch as a brave (other words can be substituted as well) soul escapes from a pursuing cop in the snow, while drifting every corner in what appears to be a Nissan 240sx S13 Silvia. In Amerika... Ah, you can finish the rest of that sentence. Enjoy!

Kid Crashes His Honda Civic Trying To Drift

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Drifting is a wonderful thing. The feeling of throwing the back end out and holding it is one that can't be matched, but lets leave the act of controlled oversteer to the Nissan 240sx's, Mazda RX-7's, Lexus IS300's, Subaru BRZ's, Scion FRS's, BMW's, Mercedes, Corvettes, Ferraris and everything else that is rear-wheel-drive with an LSD. A Honda Civic, however, is not on that list, nor anywhere near it, so when this kid tries to throw his nice-looking Honda Civic into a corner sideways, he succeeds. However, the "holding" part of drifting is reserved for rear-wheel-drive, and for drivers with a fair amount of car control, because as soon as this Honda goes sideways, it snaps back and hits a fence. No drift for you, Honda. Enjoy.

Jari-Matti Latvala - Lahti Historic Rally onboard (INSANE)

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If you're looking for an incredibly jaw-dropping onboard rally video, then it looks like you've found it. This is onboard footage of a man named Jari-Matti Latvala, running in something called the "Lahti Historic Rally" in what appears to be - and sound like - potentially an older-generation Subaru WRX STi. It is a WHOPPING 13 MINUTES of heart-racing, teeth-grittingly good sideways dirt action, and its nearly unbelievable the accuracy and level-headedness this man has, not to mention the fact that he must've gotten some kind of driver-door extension, so he could actually fit in his ... Nevermind about that. What you need to do now is set aside 13 and a half minutes of your life to witness what its like to live life on the edge - or, to get thrown around a rally car at breakneck speeds, sideways, in the air, in the dirt, with the gas pedal to the floor. Enjoy.
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