The Weekly Five For August 10th, 2012 - f12 vs 599 gto, parkour, power wheels, m3 race crash, 458 idiot

The Ferrari F12 vs The Ferrari 599 GTO - EVO

Despite the lack of a certain... Chris Harris, EVO TV have not missed a beat when it comes to reviewing astounding supercars, and their latest review will definitely not disappoint. Jethro Bovingdon, of EVO, compares two Italian stallions that happen to come from the same family - the brand new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, and the Ferrari 599 GTO - and also happen to be the fastest cars to date. Regardless of what you are doing right now, cut out around 10 minutes to properly enjoy this review. "Why 10 minutes? The review is only 7 minutes long?", you say. Well, you'll need those last 3 minutes to fully take in what you are about to experience, so Enjoy.
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Parkour and Supercars - A Clash Production

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Its been around for quite a few years now, its been featured in movies and on TV a few times, but you've still probably rarely heard of it. Oh, and its pretty much the art of jumping and looking good while doing it. That's right, its Parkour, and whats interesting about this particular video (brought to you by the ever-so-epic film makers at Clash Productions) is that its not only two surprisingly-fit young men jumping beautifully around a city, but they also jump over cars. An Audi Quattro, Audi R8, and a Nissan GT-R, to be exact. The underlying message of freedom of self-expression is apparent in the video, but doing front flips over an Audi Quattro... Well, that's just plain awesome. I'd advise not trying this at home by the way. Enjoy.

FFTEC's Lightning McQueen Power Wheels Build

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As car guys, car enthusiasts, carnecks - whatever you want to call it, we love crazy car builds. Whether its a 900 hp drag Mazda Miata with an RB26, or a sleeper Saab Wagon with a Dodge Viper V10 in it, crazy builds just get our automotive blood pumping. However, have you ever heard of a Power Wheels build? You know, those slow little electric-motor cars meant for those small, budding enthusiasts of ours? Well, one boy's dad may as well have been nominated for this year's "Dad of the Year" award when he decided to completely rebuild his son's "Lightning McQueen" Power Wheels car. Check the video out for all the modification details, and if you're up for the challenge, go and do this for your young, car-loving kids - they'll love it. Enjoy.

HSM Racing's BMW E36 M3 - A Short-Lived Race

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Here we have the #22 Hi Speed Motorsports BMW E36 M3, and its owners have gained the unfortunate experience of understanding first-hand what it means when 'they' say "anything can happen in racing." The video will explain the rest, but despite the unexpected race loss, the driver is without injury and the car is repairable. Racing is racing, nothing you can do about it. Enjoy.

Ferrari 458 Idiot Runs Over Cops Foot

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When you're the proud owner of an unregistered, plate-less, red, Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, you have to make sure NOT to run over a police officer's foot when attempting to get away from receiving a ticket. However, a better option is to not make the attempt in the first place, because - as this guy learned REAL well - it can lead to a severe beating and take down by the cops. Apparently this is more than a normal ticketing, but the suggestion still stands - don't try and escape a ticket while running over a police officer's foot. Enjoy.