The Weekly Five For July 27th, 2012 - LFA vs NSX, Aasbo 86x, Pit Stop Horror, Schumacher, RB26 Miata Drag Save

NSX vs LFA - Head 2 Head

MotorTrend's last comparison video - hint, it compares a Lamborghini and a Rat Rod - wasn't exactly what you'd call the 'peak' of automotive journalism, but have no fear, because here we have MotorTrend's "Head 2 Head" channel division comparing yet another two oddly-paired opponents - the original Acura NSX, and the Lexus LFA. At 17 minutes long, this is one comparison video that is sure to excite, surprise, inform, and send shivers down your spine, so Enjoy.
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Fredric Aasbo's 86X Unleashed At Gatebil

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Need For Speed's Norwegian Supra-drifting legend Fredric Aasbo has one of the best jobs around - he gets to put cars with upwards of 800hp sideways, and get paid for it. Before, Aasbo's weapon of choice was the Mk IV Toyota Supra, and though he's no longer drifting the Supra, he's still utilizing its engine to throw something else sideways. Yes, the often whispered of, and greatly feared 2JZ engine that is the powerhouse of the tuning world, and what does he put it in? The new Toyota GT86, and he calls it the "86x". Built in 40 days, you can see the sheer violence and terror this 2JZ-powered midget of a drift car invokes when unleashed during the gargantuan automotive motorsports gathering known as Gatebil. The best way to watch this video is from start to finish, full-screen, and believing as hard as you can that you're being taken for a ride by this beast, because you know in reality - it'll never happen, so Enjoy this instead.

Pit Lane Horrors

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Here we have quite possibly the worst recorded examples of what can go wrong in the pits on a racetrack. Everything from Formula One, to NASCAR, shows that racing is not only a game of survival for the driver, but for the entire team as well. Explosions, fire, some form of NASCAR ninjas, and more awaits you in this chaos-packed compilation of pit stop horrors. Enjoy?

Michael Schumacher vs Montoya - Suzuka

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Continuing the theme of Formula One, we all know the once-legendary - and once retired - Michael Schumacher was an absolute sensation to watch and absolute monster to compete against, but where can you find some of his best moments? Well, you're in luck, because one of them is right here, at Suzuka Circuit in 2001. It all starts with Schumacher setting a blazing quick lap, and the only other driver to come close in the qualifying session is Montoya. Montoya, feeling quite comfortable with his accomplishment, soon feels the wrath of the legendary Schumacher as Schumacher obliterates Montoya's time. Enjoy.

RB26 Miata Saved Sideways At The Dragstrip

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A Miata is an awesome car, an RB26 is an awesome engine, and when you put the two together you get... Well, loads of wheelspin and possibly greatly-increased chances of hitting a tree on the side of the road, UNLESS you have drag tires - which this guy has. However, as he explains later in the video, drag tires are no good when they're covered in coolant and you're all of a sudden sideways at 80mph on the drag strip. Enjoy the video to see what I mean.