Russian Big Rig Tries to Body Roll

We all know that Russia has it's problems...Communist roots, Vladimir Putin, and Vodka. But what we often forget is that Russia also has some of the worst drivers in the world. Not only do most motorists in Russia avoid traffic laws, the police officials tend to do the same and worst case scenario -- if you get pulled over -- just give Officer Igor a fifth of Vodka with some bread and you'll be on your way before you know it. This video doesn't fall under any of those scenarios though. What we have here, is what appears to be a 4WD vehicle that is simply cruising along a road until a huge big rig comes around the corner and decides to do a body roll...
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I'm sure anyone in that situation would be sweating bullets and certainly relieved to know that they just avoided meeting their maker, but i'm not so sure that everyone would get out of this type of car accident and do nothing to help the guy in the truck. The Russian driver pretty much just spends his time outside assessing the damage of his own car. As for the guy in the truck? Well -- let's just say that since there isn't car insurance in Russia that he won't be seeing his family for a while.
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