BMW Plans To Return to DTM German Racing Series

Ever heard of NASCAR? What about German NASCAR? No? That’s what I thought. German NASCAR, or more officially (and in actuality) known as DTM, or “Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters”, is a touring car racing series based in Germany with races all over the world. The series has been going on since the 80’s, though nowadays the weapons of choice are the German, fire-breathing, V8-powered track machines that appear as if they can kill you if you so even look at them the wrong way. That being said, the DTM series is ever so different from NASCAR in every possible way, but time won’t be spent here comparing the two as that is truly pointless since both are purpose-built for very different types of racing. It must be noted that watching DTM will, without question, put hairs on your back as the sound of those brute, highly-tuned German V8’s growl through race after race, carving tire guts into the tarmac of every corner they encounter, but Mercedez-Benz and Audi - the current DTM competitors - are in for a surprise - and possibly a beating, because BMW’s coming back.
BMW requires no introduction when it comes to DTM racing, having been in the sport since its inception and leaving in 1994 with its own share of wins - around 40 - and more than 150 podium finishes. However, after a lengthy absence, BMW - who is no stranger to motor sports - is once again introducing itself into the DTM racing series, and is once again aiming for nothing less than victory with a brand new DTM model that, yes, will kill you if you look at it wrong, and probably take your lunch money as well.
It feels justified to believe that BMW has been feeding its new model a steady diet of Priuses as the performance specs noted are simply breath-taking. This new BMW M3 DTM car, based on the current E92 model, can reach 60 miles per hour within about three seconds flat. Three seconds to sixty is easily new-age supercar territory, not that a supercar would have any chance against this high-tech engineering marvel of a machine, this obscene-looking, purpose-built-from-the-ground-up, BMW race car. Top speed is stated to be 186 miles per hour, and with a German, 480 horsepower, V8 engine as the power plant of this beast, those numbers are less than surprising.
The original concept 2012 BMW DTM car from months ago was released - being the beast that it is - in a matte black finish, with carbon-fiber-everything, massive fenders, and a function-over-form exhaust, but who are we kidding? This entire machine was built to perform at 10/10th’s and win races, it just happens to look menacingly beautiful in the process. The concept, however, was just a concept - in regards to visuals, but worry not, because the actual competition model still remains just as menacing, retaining all the aesthetics of the concept, and sporting a blinding, milky white paint job, along with the BMW M stripes that were last seen on the original BMW DTM cars of the ‘golden years’.
Priuses as far as the eye can see will be running for the hills, very quietly and slowly, as this fossil fuel-powered mammoth - barely even recognizable as a car - bellows and growls as it prepares to face its rivals, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, in their respective, high-tech DTM racing monsters in 2012. There are rumors that this exhilarating, almost threatening motor sport will be making its way across the pond to the US in 2013 - possibly with the help of NASCAR, though there has been no confirmation of either as of yet. Nevertheless, here’s to 2012, and here’s to hoping for 2013.


Here's an incredible video showcasing the 'golden years' of the DTM racing series, wonderfully-produced by YouTuber "DtmEnthusiast", it uses footage from many old DTM races, and manages to preserve the quality, and intensity of such a sport. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the raw madness of classic DTM racing, set to some smooth German rock.  Enjoy.

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