Koenigsegg Factory Tour

For the first time ever, go on an in-depth tour of the Koenigsegg factory in Sweden. Guided by Christian von Koenigsegg himself, you will be learn of the most intricate details and engineering processes that go into practice on a daily basis to make some of the rarest, fastest and best cars in the world. I personally have to say myself, that after watching this video that I have a new found respect for Koenigsegg that supersedes even Ferrari. You also get a great ride-along preview of how fast the Koenigsegg Agera R can go. 

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Christian von Koenigsegg's passion and vision for the utmost perfect engineering precision makes this company one of the finest in the world. Regardless of your backgrounds, interests, or knowledge of cars, this is a great video for anyone who has just the slightest amount of curiosity in how supercars are made.