$31 Million Dollar Wreck: Ferrari 250 GTO

American businessman Christopher Cox set a record today, although one that he probably isn't proud of: Worlds most expensive car wreck. His very own $31 million Ferrari 250 GTO. It is only one of 39 of Ferrari's rarest cars.
An annual Le Mans Classic gathering in France was going on this weekend and en route to the event, Christopher Cox was involved in a collision with another car. His legendary Ferrari 250 GTO (pictured as the blue and yellow Ferrari) was hit. The Ferrari crash caused Mr. Cox's wife to be injured with a broken leg while two passengers from the other vehicle were sent to the hospital. No fatalities were reported.
There is no news of the details of the damage and whether the car will be salvaged but true CarNecks around the world will grieve the loss of a fantastic piece of history, with only a handful produced during the 1960s. Last month a green 250 GTO sold for $35 million at an auction, setting a new record for a Ferrari sold at auction. Fashion designer Ralph Lauren owns one and not even Jeremy Clarkson is allowed to drive them. May the late 250 GTO rest in peace (not in pieces).