2013 Dodge SRT Viper GTS: Exhaust Sound!

General Motors has for once created something worth being excited about: The new 2013 Dodge SRT Viper GTS. The Viper has been bland and boring for the past decade but GM has finally decided to spice up the car and return back to the vehicle's performance roots. GM has been particularly hush-hush about the car details up until lately. Check out this video of the brand new Viper GTS being cranked up at a Dodge dealership and listen to some of the earth-shaking revs that this huge 8.4L V10 produces.
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The Dodge Viper has always been a popular car since it's initial release in 1992. It was a true American muscle car that paid homage to motorsports. It's intimidating presence, huge V10 engine and obscenely loud exhaust all produce manly grins from anyone who is even remotely familiar with the car. That is, until 2003, when Dodge decided to introduce an underwhelming new Viper that was less passionate and boring. For the past decade, people began to forget about the Viper (and GM), but things appear to have turned for the better because the new Viper is anything but a boring make-over of the previous generation. Be prepared to see a strong return to the market and motorsports in the next few years.
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