Wienerschnitzels, Sauerkraut Stuffed Sausages and The 2012 BMW M5 F10 (Video and Pictures)

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As clearly noted in our video review of both the 2003 BMW M5 and the 2010 BMW M5, I have a thing for M5s. I've driven the Mercedes Benz E63 AMG, its closest competitor and I would take the BMW M5 over it any day of the week, especially the weekend. In fact, if I had $150,000 to play with and had my choice of any car, I would take BMW M5 over anything under that price ceiling - although the Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG is very tempting.

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2012 BMW M5 F10 Laguna Seca Video

CarNecks BMW M5 F10 2012
BMW certainly enjoys to tease its fans by releasing pictures and videos of the newest and latest. I have to say that they do a good job of building buzz around their latest production models but I have got to admit that I only skim through most of the news releases save anything related to the new F10, 2012 M5. Having worked closely with both the outgoing E39 and E60 M5 models, I have gotten fairly familiar with the similarities and differences of both vehicles. Despite having drastically different engines, the E39 with a v8, 4.9L producing nearly 400bhp and the E60 with a v10, 5.0L spitting out 500bhp; I shudder to think how powerful and quick the F10 v8 4.4L Twin Turbo will perform.

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BMW M5 E39 Versus BMW M5 E60

What looks like a four door sedan, but drives like a sports car? Well... the first car that comes to mind is the BMW M5. The M5 has always been a favorite of mine because it's an excellent mix of luxury and solid performance. This vehicle can transport you and three of your friends comfortably from point A to point B. However, the beauty of the M5 is that you can always choose to throw comfort out the window and give your friends a scare of a lifetime!

In a nutshell, the M5 is one of the most practical race cars ever made, if not the most. It has four doors, all the creature comforts of a BMW, seating for five, a huge engine and handles like a dream. In our video review, we drive two of the more recent generations, the 2003 E39 M5 and the 2010 E60 M5. Both are very fast cars, but the way they carry themselves is very different.

BMW M5 E60 Front Bumper

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