Bentley's Recession Proof Numbers

2012 Bentley Continental GT
The economic condition of the world appears to be in chaos: take a look at Europe and you see austerity measures of all sorts. Look at the United States and you see unemployment and stringent regulation. Take a look at Russia and you see corruption and power hungry billionaires. But aside from the chaos, can there be a glimmer of hope? Can there be some light breaking through the polluted media and taxpayer outcries? There certainly is a small drop of relief that exists: Bentley.
You see, while just about every car company is getting railed by the global recession, Bentley is not. They just recently announced their 2011 sales numbers, which are absolutely fantastic given the class level of a Bentley vehicle and the current market conditions. You see, while Toyota struggles to maintain profitability due to the Japan earthquake and the Thailand floods, Bentley has bounced back to pre-recession levels of demand in all global markets. Sales were up 37% globally for the 2011 calendar year to a total of 7,003 vehicles. As the year came to an end, sales began to accelerate even more as 2011 December sales jumped 69% from 2010 December, which is Bentley's best month since their previous pre-recession record of 2007 and the second best month ever.
2012 Bentley Continental GTC
The US continues to be Bentley's number one market with a total of 2,021 cars sold, an increase of 32% from 2010 and accounts for 28.86% of Bentley's total sales. For the first time ever, Bentley's second largest market is China. Sales nearly doubled to 1,839, surpassing the 2010 China record by July of 2011. Other regions have also shown a strong increase in sales, Continental Europe is up 53% to 1,187 vehicles, led primarily by Germany with an increase of 88% in vehicle sales. The United Kingdom proved to be an extremely challenging market but saw a 5% increase to 1,031 vehicles sold despite the environmental challenges.
2012 Bentley Mulsanne
The strong sales performance for Bentley is being attributed to the strong demand across the entire vehicle range. The new 2012 Continental GT unsurprisingly proved to be the most popular Bentley with 2,404 GTs sold, accounting for 34.33% of Bentley’s total sales volume. Sales were also boosted significantly in December with the first deliveries of the new soft-top 2012 Continental GTC, a new model which has received fantastic reviews from media and customers alike. Together with the 2012 Bentley Mulsanne, which continues to maintain a healthy order bank constantly replenished as more customers get to drive the flagship Bentley, sales growth is expected to continue unabated during 2012. Keep your hopes up, if Bentley is posting strong sales, maybe we’ll start to see some more aggressive activity by other automotive manufacturers.