Aston Martin DBS Platinum Gray Matte Package

I think it's fair to say that just about everyone on this planet would agree that an Aston Martin is already more sexy than Pierce Brosnan's chest hair and that an Aston Martin DBS is cooler than Justin Bieber. But with the up and coming trends of painting cars matte colors, what exactly is an Aston Martin DBS in matte platinum gray?
Anderson Germany, an aftermarket tuning company in Germany (obviously), specializes in tuning top-class, high end vehicles. They distinguish themselves by providing a unique design and providing attention to detail. This Aston Martin DBS is nothing less of their standard. Clothed in a fine coat of platinum gray matte paint and black 21-inch Anderson wheels, this car is poised for perfection.
It doesn't stop on the exterior, step inside and you find the interior refitted with a carbon fiber package. Details such as air vents, ash trays and even cup holders are all remarkably replaced with carbon fiber. The interior is further enhanced by black carbon fiber leather and Alcantara, perfectly melded by orange seams. A subtle touch that stands out among the dark shades throughout the vehicle.
But it doesn't even stop there. Anderson Germany even made some minor performance enhancements. The Aston Martin DBS features a new exhaust system, spare tubes, headers and a revamped ECU that yields a total power output of 572 horsepower, up from the standard DBS' 6.0 V12 510 horsepower. Pricing hasn't been released by Anderson Germany, but with a base price of $275,000 for the regular Aston Martin DBS, be prepared to offer another organ for sale to get the Anderson Germany Platinum Gray package.
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