Car Washing and Detailing How-To Guide to Get a Clean Car

Ever wonder how professionals clean their exotic cars? Take a few minutes out of your busy day of Facebooking to learn step-by-step how to clean a car...the right way. Learn what equipment you need, what supplies you'll need and how to wash your car without leaving the slightest of scratches. Larry Kosilla of provides a great how-to guide on YouTube's Drive series along with a downloadable pdf instruction guide.
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Video Description: This video discusses some of the techniques to safely wash your car using soft and safe paint soap, along with the 3 bucket method to avoid any chance of inadvertently scratching the vehicle during the wash process. Each car has its own nuances, so remember to adjust your techniques according to the needs of your specific vehicle, such as black paint vs light colored, clearcoat vs single stage, vintage car vs new car. Pick and choose which techniques work best on your vehicle.