2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series Coupe

Back in February 2011, Mercedes-Benz announced that they are re-introducing the C-Class Coupe and I am sure that I am not the first person to say that the new Mercedes Benz C-Class Coupe is 100x better looking than the prior iteration of the Coupe as seen in the picture below. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz also noted they will produce a high performance AMG version. Specifically, it will be a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series Coupe and this time Mercedes' AMG division claims that it was purpose built from the ground up for performance. That said, yes every AMG model has solid performance figures, but the Mercedes Benz E63 AMG, CL63 AMG or CLS63 AMG essentially had "bolt-on" performance modifications. The C63 AMG Black Series on the other hadwas crafted to encroach on BMW M territory.

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2009 Ferrari California Overview

California is known for many things: the governator, UCLA, and Hollywood, but amongst its many connotations, the name California is so rarely bestowed upon something of beauty, magnificence and sheer power. Until 2008, when Ferrari made the decision to manufacture a 2+2 front engine, Grand Tourer coupe cabriolet known as the California. Revived from the 1950s Ferrari 250 GT name, the California was announced by Ferrari at the 2008 Paris Motor Show as an entirely new model line for Ferrari. Although often times confused as the successor to the 575 Maranello, or as the similar Grand Tourer, the 599 GTB Fiorano, the California is differentiated primarily as a front engine V8 Grand Tourer versus the Maranello and 599 GTB Fiorano which house V12s.

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Subaru Could Be Back In The WRC For 2014

Do you remember the days when turbo-charged, four-cylinder, boxer-engine-powered, all-wheel-drive rally machines would effortlessly rumble, sputter and pop their way through dirt, tarmac, water and snow, usually doing so while sideways, in mid-air and at times a combination of the two? Wait, hold on a second, a four cylinder boxer engine? Yes, I’m talking about Subaru. Specifically, I'm talking about the glory days of Subaru when they still competed in the WRC (or, the World Rally Championship). However, those glory days may yet again arise, because despite the ever-changing rules in WRC, Subaru has decided they’re going to release a new model that may very well be able to fit the picky FIA requirements and thus compete in the WRC once again.

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2002 Ferrari Enzo Overview

The Ferrari Enzo is the fifth Ferrari Supercar to be produced. The Ferrari brand is often misunderstood as producing only supercars, which is not entirely true. Ferrari produces a number of Grand Touring (GT) and Luxury sports cars. Cars that most would call exotics and some would call supercars although the two classifications shouldn't be used interchangeably. In Ferrari's case, the five supercars that they've made since the 1960s are: the 250 LM, 288 GTO, F40, F50 and the Enzo. All most commonly known supercars, the F40 and F50 dominated the supercar scene in the late 80s and throughout the 90s, while the Enzo is known for being Ferrari's supercar of the 2000s.

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2011 Ferrari 458 Italia Berlinetta (Coupe) Overview

People usually do not think that Ferrari can improve on their cars because they're already considered perfect and cutting edge, but at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, Ferrari had no trouble proving the world that they can still make a more perfect car than before. They did that with the introduction of the 458 Italia. The 458 Italia was announced as the official replacement for the Ferrari F430, which was produced from 2005 to 2009. The Ferrari 458 Italia is a current production model for Ferrari from 2009 and is considered one of the best looking Ferrari's that is also capable of challenging the Enzo around the track. As of 2011, a replacement for the 458 Italia has not yet been announced. The 458 Italia comes in four known variants: the 458 Italia Berlinetta (coupe), 458 Italia Spider, 458 Challenge and the 458 GTC (Grand Touring Challenge).

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