2012 Brabus 800 Coupe – 800 hp, 1,047 lb-ft of Torque… Need I Say More?

2012-Brabus-800-Coupe-01-Front-Angle Brabus does it again! They took an already powerful Mercedes Benz CL and put it on a Swedish steroid diet, locked it in a gym and took an already beautiful face and gave it a facelift! The result of all this trickery is the 2012 Brabus 800 Coupe, which is similar to the 2012 Brabus Rocket 800 which we wrote about earlier.

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2008 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG is Like Adding Steroids, Gel and Makeup to The C-350

Mercedes-Benz-C63_AMG_2008_Front_Nice In 2007 Mercedes Benz introduced the new body style for the C-Class, which admittedly, was like your girl/boyfriend going from a 6 to an 8. The new model was re-inspiring and gave the C-Class a new more modern look. Take a look for yourself in the difference of styling in the pictures below.

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Lamborghini Winter Academy

Got an extra $10,000 to burn in three days? Some would take their wives on a weekend spa getaway, some would blow it at a Casino in Las Vegas, while others would just simply stuff it in their mattresses. But when you're more accustomed to sipping James Bond cocktails, tanning on your yachts and eating Almas caviar, it only makes sense that you would spend your money at a three day Lamborghini Winter Academy retreat. What else could you ask for? V10 Lamborghinis, lots of snow, and your rich friends

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2006 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Overview

Originally debuted at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, the Ferrari 599 GTB Fionaro was presented as a unique blend of automotive brilliance and Grand Touring enjoyment. As the successor to the 575 Maranello, the 599 features a much more aggressive design as well as improved power output, making it one of the fastest Grand Tourer’s of its time. Produced from 2006 to present day, the 599 GTB is most commonly available as a Grand Tourer 2-seat Berlinetta but can also be seen as a 599 GTO, 599XX or the 599XX Evo.

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2012 Ferrari FF Overview

All manufactures tend to have these well known formulas for their sports cars that are just as distinguishable as the brand itself. Take a V8 for instance, push the displacement out to 5.4L and drop it in a coupe and you get a Mustang. Slap two turbos on a V6 3.8 Liter Japanese car and you get a Nissan GT-R. Supercharge a 6.2 liter V8, call it an LS9 and you get a Corvette ZR1. Squeeze 300 horsepower out of a tiny, AWD sedan with a 2.5 liter flat four cylinder engine and you get a Subaru WRX STi. But what happens when you go back to the drawing board, sketch out a fluidly designed 3-door hatch back, with vivacious curves and stunning lines, paint it – oh, let’s say – red. Then, stretch out the nose; drop in a 12 cylinder engine and squeeze in an all-wheel drive system. What do you get? With years of automotive mental algorithms going through my head, fitting the features with the engine, platform, and associated brands leads me to nothing. So who is building it? No, it’s not the new Prius, it’s the new Ferrari FF.

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