Ferrari's Corse Clienti Program; A Millionaire's playground

So you're a millionaire, casinos are bankrupt, yachts are never big enough, and your Alps cottage is a tourist magnet. What are you supposed to do with your money to have some exclusive, private fun with your rich buddies without the press and annoying 99%? You join the Ferrari Corse Clienti of course!

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The Pagani Story

Since Pagani's official founding in 1992, Horacio Pagani has thoroughly impressed the world with his ability to capture Italian finesse, elegance and sheer, exotic beautiful power in some of the most distinguishable vehicles on this planet. From his original creations like the Pagani Zonda C12 to the race ready Zonda R, to the new and upcoming Pagani Huayra, Pagani has impressed car fans all around the world. Little is known about the details of Pagani history and inner workings, until recently. Pagani recently released a five-part video series on the history and background of Pagani.

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Ferrari F430 Novitech ADV.1 New Spoke Wheels

Advance One, or ADV.1 recently announced their newest wheel design, which is showcased on the head designer and president's car. None other than Jordan Swerdloff is proudly displaying ADV.1's latest design on his very own Ferrari F430 Novitech.

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2008-2010 Koenigsegg CCXR; Edition and Trevita

Typically, when someone mentions the word hybrid we think "Prius." When someone mentions the words "Ethanol Biofuel" We think Chevy flex fuel vehicles. I'll give you something different to think about the next time that you hear the EPA or Obama touting hybrids and biofuel, the first green supercar: The Koenigsegg CCXR.

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2006-2010 Koenigsegg CCX Overview

At the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg unveiled the CCX model. In celebration of 10 years since the first Koenigsegg CC vehicle completed a test drive in 1996, the CCX stands for the Competition Coupe X, where the X represents the roman numeral for ten. The CCX would be the first Koenigsegg car to comply with global regulations to allow for its entry into the US market. As a successor to the CCR, the CCX would now carry the Koenigsegg brand from Sweden and Europe to the world between 2006 and 2010.

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