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CarNecks Classic: 1988 Ferrari Testarossa Video Review

The 1988 Ferrari Testarossa video review was created prior to CarNecks' existence. Although an original production by the same team, the video falls under a different brand and is the most highly recognized Ferrari Testarossa video on the internet. We're posting it on to provide our viewers with a glimpse of our humble beginnings before HD was something you could get at Best Buy, 16:9 was a feature that movie theaters listed and video was still recorded on magnetic tapes. The Ferrari Testarossa video features Andrey Rudnitsky reviewing one of the most classically recognized Ferrari of any generation. The side sill vents are distinguishable immediately as a Pininfarina design and the huge flat V12 4.9-liter engine is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face; owners or dreamers alike. Be sure to sit back, relax, and enjoy CarNecks' classic production of the 1988 Ferrari Testarossa.
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