Rough Edit: Roughly Complete

We break down the editing into three primary phases. Rough Edit, Lean Edit and Final Edit. I'm sure you can figure out what occurs in each phase but if you just picture a funnel, where at the start it's very wide and towards the bottom it gets very narrow and focused, you'll essentially capture our three phases. At the start of post-production you have way more content then you really need and by the time you get to the final product you're really left with only 5-10minutes, down from the original 10-15 hours of footage.

Obviously, it would make sense that as a result, the most difficult part would be the rough edit and that is preciously so as you need to sift through hours of footage and build the "story." We've been building that story for some time now, although I can confidently say that the rough edit is nearly 80% complete as of today. The Lean and Final edits should go by much more quickly. As we continue to work over the next two weeks here is a shot of my workspace and Andrey's goofy smile to keep you interested

Car Necks WIP Andrey

Hopefully the sneak preview doesn't give too much away. You can see my dozen or so folders on the left hand navigation where I have over 200 clips cleanly organized. Not fun to do. Trust me. You can also see some of the "rough" edits down in the timeline. Some good stuff going on there.