April Pre-Production Planning

CarNecks is at it again; we are in the early stages of pre-production for perhaps one of our largest productions to date. With deadlines and film dates rapidly approaching, the team has been frantically pulling together lists, plans, scripts, equipment and tons of other minute logistical to-dos that the viewer never even realizes.
For instance, who is responsible for charging the batteries daily? What will the crew eat, when, where and how? What will the weather be like and what’s our contingency plan? Mix all of those questions with about 1,000 other logistical nuances and you have a stressed out team planning for a successful shoot.
But what CarNecks isn’t planning for is your ordinary production process. What we’ve got in store for you is beyond the V8 E39 M5 and C63 AMG videos. In fact, there is very little in common between what we will be filming in the near future and the last few productions. Well, maybe except for the fact that SOME of the cars that we will be filming have V8s, it’s just that the engine sits behind the driver...
Be sure to stay tuned as we release more details about our production and maybe we’ll even post a few teasers of our actual production. Follow us on Twitter @CarNecks for more up-to-date information and you will not regret it!