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First Shooting Day -- Too Much Rust and Bad Luck

Today was our first shoot day. What a disaster. I personally haven't' touched video for about 5 years, Andrey hasn't written a script or been on TV in a few years and our entire crew was brand new to their roles and responsibilities.

The plan was to really knock out the shooting of both cars on Saturday because I had an assistant cameraman. This allowed me to focus on getting shots of both cars as Andrey would drive the E60 and I would drive his E39 (rotating drivers on cars would be too risky and not something we wanted to mess with). As a result I would have my assistant cameraman grab shots of both cars driving throughout the day. This would then be followed by breaking up the cars individually and splitting two cameras (expensive HD cameras that we rented for the weekend) for 2x as many shots. Long story short, we had a great plan in place to shoot some great footage on Saturday.

It rained...hard...all day.

Our entire plan, equipment, crew and cars...sat waiting at my house until 4pm -- when the weather finally cleared up, 10 hours after our initial planned start time. What a mess. We had to quickly move out and get our shots. We had to combat high wind speeds, dwindling sunlight and a ruined production plan. By the time I got home that evening I was ready to drop this on its head and quit.

Pre-production Jitters

We're 3 days away from the shoot. I'm starting to get really excited. I’m a bit nervous about the content because Andrey is really busy with work and we don’t have much scripted out yet but he took Friday off so we’re definitely going to do some hardcore planning and nail this one.  I’m working with a lot of new equipment and this is also my first time in years doing video work so I am a but rusty but my knowledge and experience of photography will really aid me in producing some quality visuals. I can’t wait to play with my new toys and to film Andrey in the other toys with 4 wheels. HD 1080p all the way. I’m pumped!


First Meeting

First meeting held to plan for our video work. Planned out some long term strategies and short term tactics. Struggled to brainstorm a good name. Locked down our first planned review. April 16th is going to be the date that we will shoot the E39/E60 M5 comparison. I really wanted to tag team the review with andrey but I truly thought it made more sense if only one person did the review so Andrey will be the talent and I’ll be running the show…time to get to work.

Got the Itch

Today I got the urge to start doing car videos again. I emailed Andrey and Sasha and said its time we stop screwing around and start getting back to work. Going to start building our strategy soon.